Procedures at a Glance - Construction Contract Administration

Operations Before, During and After Construction

A very helpful guide for veterans and for rookies. Commentary is divided into:

  • excerpts from the RAIC Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects (CHOP)
  • commentary from the Construction Contract Administration Committee [CCAC]
  • downloads of standard forms and letters used in construction contract administration
  • references to other sources of information on the topic

Click on the links below organized in chronological order:

1.  Before Construction Begins

1.0 Before Construction Begins
1.1 Reviewing Contracts
1.2 Regulatory Requirements
1.3 Assembling the Construction Document Sets
1.4 Holding the Project Kick-off Meeting 

2.  During Construction

2.0 Procedures During Construction
2.1 Attending Site Meetings
2.2 Construction Reviews
2.3 Responding to Requests for Information
2.4 Reviewing Submittals
2.5 Review By Third Party Consultants + Inspectors
2.6 Reviewing Substitutions and Alternates
2.7 Changes in the Work
2.8 Certifying the Payment

3.  As Construction Ends

3.0 As Construction Ends
3.1 Certifying Substantial Performance
3.2 Managing Requests for Occupancy or Partial Occupancy
3.3 Conducting Deficiency Reviews
3.4 Project Closeout Procedures
3.5 Completion

4.  After Construction

4.0 After Construction has Ended
4.1 Preparing and Issuing Record Drawings
4.2 Commissioning
4.3 Arranging and Conducting Warranty Reviews



The committee invites questions, commentary or articles on related subjects.


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