1.0 Before Construction Begins

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Prior to Construction

Before the beginning of the construction phase, the architect carries out the following tasks:

  • assists in the preparation of the contract form in duplicate for signing by the owner and the contractor;
  • assembles the required number of sets of contract documents
  • assembles and issues sets of drawings and specifications required by the contractor for the work;
  • issues (in some cases) a set of updated documents showing all changes and revisions made during the bidding period to ensure that:
  • there is no confusion over the appropriate document;
  • no obsolete document remains in circulation.

The architect checks the contract documents, in particular, the General Conditions and the Supplementary General Conditions, for all required documents and information to be submitted by the contractor at commencement of work. These may include:

  • performance bond;
  • labour and material payment bond;
  • insurance certificates;
  • construction schedule;
  • schedule of values for the parts of the work (which forms the basis for applications for progress payments).


Draw Register and Issue Tracking Log
Project Status Report 1
CCAC Project Status Report 2
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