Architects are highly trained professionals who have been licensed by the OAA. As members of the OAA, they are bound by the Architects Act and OAA Bylaws, and are expected to comply with the OAA’s Code of Ethics. Once licensed, all architects must maintain their membership in good standing inclusive of the OAA mandatory Continuing Education (ConEd) Program and mandatory professional liability insurance.


The OAA confirms the competence of its members through a rigorous process:

  • meeting the education requirement;
  • completing professional internship;
  • passing extensive examinations;
  • completing the OAA Admission Course; and
  • obtaining an OAA licence.


Under the Architects Act and OAA Policies, the words “Member” and “Architect” and the professional title “Architect OAA” are reserved for architects—those applicants who meet the education, experience, and examination requirements for engaging in the full range of activities defined as the practice of architecture in the province of Ontario.

The Architects Act sets out the protected scope of work for the practice of architecture in Ontario. Only architects, through a Certificate of Practice, may offer services to the public within this protected scope of work.

Once licensed, architects can vote at the OAA Annual General Meeting, run for election to gain a voting seat on Council, volunteer on OAA Committees and Task Groups, as well as play a key role in training future architects.

Applications and Guidelines

First Application and Guidelines

Reapplication or Reinstatement Application and Guidelines

Reciprocal Application and Guidelines for architects licensed in Canada

Reciprocal Application and Guidelines for Architects licensed in the United States


Kim Wray
Administrator, Licence
t: 416.449.6898 Ext:201



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