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Climate Action

The climate change emergency's far-reaching effects have positioned it as one of the defining global challenges today.

The construction and operation of the built environment has substantial impact on greenhouse gas emissions, so having an educated, skilled architecture profession able to design the built environment, including dwellings and communities, that is resilient and sustainable is paramount for the public interest. The architecture profession is ideally suited to provide new, thoughtful solutions. As its regulator, the OAA maintains a focus in its programming and framework to ensure members have the education and resources needed to incorporate climate-stable design approaches in both new construction and renovation. It also partners with other industry stakeholders to strengthen code requirements and to raise public awareness about architecture’s role in lowering environmental impacts.

"Climate Action" has been identified as a theme of the OAA as part of its five-year strategic plan. To learn more about the plan, as well as other themes, priorities, and goals, visit the Vision, Mandate and Strategic Plan page.

In January 2022, OAA Council approved a new requirement for the mandatory 2022–2024 Continuing Education cycle. All OAA members must complete a minimum of two structured learning hours focused on Climate Action. To learn more, click here.


Vision, Mandate & Strategic Plan

Scholarships Related to Climate Action

Continuing Education

     ConEd Climate Action Requirement

What OAA Licensed Members Do

The Public Interest


Sara Trotta, Manager, Policy and Government Relations


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Climate Action Case Studies
New  Climate Action Case Studies are a collection of work submitted by OAA members, demonstrating how the architecture profession can build better and advance climate action. Do you have any projects that are exemplary models in climate performance or showcase how the architecture profession can build better? If so, please submit a case study for consideration.

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Total Energy Use Intensity (TEUI) Calculators

The OAA offers two, free online tools that complement each other and enable the profession and the public to measure the Total Energy Use Intensity (TEUI) of a building. The TEUI Calculator lets you determine an existing home or building’s energy performance by entering simple data into an easy-to-use interface. Users receive instant metrics for their building’s energy performance, and get a PDF printout to show clients or other stakeholders. TEUI 2.0 calculates the TEUI and Thermal Energy Demand Intensity (TEDI) of a building or home. It offers intuitive drop-down menus for classification, area, compliance standards, and tiered code options.

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OAA Members Receive Discount on Passive House Canada Courses

Until June 30, 2024, OAA members can register for any Passive House Canada course at a discounted PHC member price that represents a savings of more than $1,400 for the Pathway to Passive House Designer/Consultant Certification (120P).

Consult the Passive House course calendar and email to obtain a promotional code.


Sustainable Articles

See current articles related to Sustainability and the impact of Climate change.

Tools & Resources
Tools & Resources

Sustainable Design resources and tools for members and the general public.

Funding Support

A number of incentives, grants, and subsidies are available to support climate action initiatives in the architecture profession.

OAA HQ Renew + Refresh 
The OAA Headquarters Renew + Refresh project is a success story that shows how existing buildings can be adapted to meet climate resilient targets rather than being demolished and replaced.
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News articles, many from third-party sources, that relate to climate action.

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Events from both the OAA and other organizers that touch on issues related to climate action.

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Current ConEd sessions related to climate action.

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OAA Contract Suite

Did you know the OAA offers free contracts for its members and the general public? These downloadable standardized contracts make it easier for all to enter into fair, balanced business relationships.

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BLOAAG - Queen's Park Picks

Check out our  2023 Queen’s Park Picks program—a collaboration with Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) across the province who share a passion for our built environment in all its many forms.

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Events Calendar

Check out our events calendar for a wide array of online and in-person events. Also submit an event using our new online form.