Government Relations

The OAA actively monitors government activities at municipal, provincial, and federal levels, responding as needed through formal letters and other channels. Continually updated, this searchable portal houses these official correspondences, as well as related reports.

Level of Government / Organization

OAA Policy and Government Relations staff report on the activities of this service area, as well as updates from PACT and SBEC. 

Publish Date: 2021/JAN/20

The OAA has reviewed the 2020 provincial budget and prepared a high-level overview of some issues that may be of interest to the membership.

Publish Date: 2020/DEC/01

The OAA attends consultation on Planning Act and Provincial Policy Statement designed to help Province formulate its housing plan.

Publish Date: 2019/FEB/08

Policy and Government Relations (PGR) staff are supporting the Policy and Advocacy Coordination Team (PACT) and the Sustainable Built Environments Committee (SBEC) with provincial consultations.

Publish Date: 2019/JAN/30

The OAA meets with the Assistant Deputy Minister of Supply Chain Ontario to discuss QBS and the Broader Public Service (BPS) Procurement Directive. The ADM agrees QBS is compatible with the Directive.

Publish Date: 2019/JAN/18

Following joint interest from the OAA and PSPC in expanding the QBS pilot, the OAA participates in a meeting with PSPC Ontario Region to discuss the benefits of QBS and possible next steps.

Publish Date: 2019/JAN/17