Government Relations

The OAA actively monitors government activities at municipal, provincial, and federal levels, responding as needed through formal letters and other channels. Continually updated, this searchable portal houses these official correspondences, as well as related reports.

Level of Government / Organization

OAA President Kathleen Kurtin writes to the Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to respond to the provincial consultation on Bill 108.

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

OAA President Kathleen Kurtin responds to OAA members who have expressed concern about changes the OAA has recommended regarding the Site Plan Approval process.

Publish Date: 2019/FEB/27

OAA President, Kathleen Kurtin, writes to Brian Bigger, Mayor of Sudbury, to express concerns about an RFP for architectural and engineering services that the municipality issued.

Publish Date: 2019/DEC/12

OAA submits recommendations on updates to the Provincial Policy Statement.

Publish Date: 2019/OCT/21

The OAA responded to PSPC’s RFI for Design-Build Standing Offers for Office Fit-up Projects (Solicitation EP008-210016/A).  PSPC was seeking feedback from the industry. The federal department is contemplating the establishment of a design-build standing offers for office fit-up projects in the National Capital Region, with cross-Canada potential.

Publish Date: 2020/JUL/15

The OAA meets with the Assistant Deputy Minister of Supply Chain Ontario to discuss QBS and the Broader Public Service (BPS) Procurement Directive. The ADM agrees QBS is compatible with the Directive.

Publish Date: 2019/JAN/18

OAA President John K. Stephenson writes to Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) Regional Director General Sandra Young to encourage PSPC to go ahead with their QBS pilot project.

Publish Date: 2018/DEC/12

CDAO Chair, Sandro Perruzza, writes to the Hon. Rod Phillips, Minister of Finance, to offer recommendations as part of the province's post COVID-19 economic recovery plan.

Publish Date: 2020/APR/22

OAA President, Kathleen Kurtin, writes to Ontario Premier Doug Ford to commend the government on the steps being taken throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and to recommend additional steps.

Publish Date: 2020/MAR/23

OAA President, Kathleen Kurtin, writes to the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs to respond to the province's 2020 pre-budget consultation.

Publish Date: 2020/JAN/24

Following joint interest from the OAA and PSPC in expanding the QBS pilot, the OAA participates in a meeting with PSPC Ontario Region to discuss the benefits of QBS and possible next steps.

Publish Date: 2019/JAN/17

OAA President Kathleen Kurtin writes to Ontario Professional Planners Institute President, Jason Ferrigan, to discuss Bill 70, Registered Professional Planners Act.

Publish Date: 2019/MAR/20