Government Relations

The OAA actively monitors government activities at municipal, provincial, and federal levels, responding as needed through formal letters and other channels. Continually updated, this searchable portal houses these official correspondences, as well as related reports.

Level of Government / Organization

The OAA along with the other funding partners meet with the Minister to introduce the research project and get tentative commitment for a follow-up meeting sharing the results.

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

The OAA, accompanied by the other funding partners, meets with Minister Ballard and his staff to give a briefing on the soon-to-be-released Housing Affordability report.

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

A Review of the Site Plan Approval Process (commissioned by OAA) is released in the days leading up to the SPA Symposium, generating significant coverage across mainstream & industry-specific media.

PDF: oaa_spa_report_-_final.pdf



Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

This 2018 report updates and builds on earlier independent analysis. SPA costs for builders and end users up to $900 million annually. This negatively affects development, office rents and housing affordability.

PDF: p5727_-_site_plan_delay_study_-_oaa_site_plan_delay_study_update_-_july_....pdf

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

Cancea's final report on the housing affordability study commissioned by the OAA and other funders. The report takes a systems approach to understanding housing affordability crisis.

Understanding the forces driving the shelter availability issue



PDF: cancea_report_on_housing_affordability.pdf

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

The OAA and allied organizations are currently participating in research to identify the driving factors behind the current housing affordability challenges.

PDF: 2016_06_29_-_joint_letter_to_minister_ballard_june_2016_final_wo_attach.pdf

Publish Date: 2019/MAY/31

This independent report by SvN Architects + Planners Inc. explores design and regulatory opportunities to address housing affordability in Ontario.

Publish Date: 2019/FEB/15

The Provincial Government released its new Environment and Climate Change Plan and seeks feedback and comments until January 28, 2019.

Publish Date: 2018/DEC/18

This independent report highlights the benefits of qualifications-based selection (QBS) that is routinely used in the United States and is gaining popularity in Canada.

Publish Date: 2018/OCT/26