Placing an Employment Opportunity

The OAA Website shares employment opportunities available to Architects, Licensed Technologists OAA, Interns, and students in an accredited School of Architecture program.

This site is reserved for the posting of employment opportunities that may be filled by someone with status with this Association.  This includes all categories of membership.  The OAA reserve the right to refuse a posting where there is concern regarding illegal practice of architecture.

Not everyone may post an ad. Only holders of a Certificate of Practice or government agencies (municipal, provincial, and federal) are eligible for this service. However, institutions and corporate entities with in-house architectural departments may provide ads for consideration. Recruitment agencies may place ads only on behalf of holders of a Certificate of Practice. 

Ads must be of reasonable length and must contain contact information to which the interested individuals can respond. The OAA will not provide any additional information to interested parties.

Information for placing an ad in Employment Opportunities

  • All ads are subject to a standard approval process. The OAA reserves the right to edit ads for compliance with privacy laws and content or to reject ads. The OAA also requires that the standards noted in any terms and conditions are met. All ads must be in compliance with the Architects Act and the regulation thereunder, the Employment Standards Act, 2000, and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

  • Ads are maintained on the OAA Website for a period of one month from the date of their initial posting.

  • Ads are to be forwarded via the online form below. If you have questions or require assistance, please email

Note: "Architect" means the holder of a licence issued by the OAA in all of the Employment Opportunities listings by Holders of Certificates of Practice or other entities operating within Ontario.

Costs and Criteria

  • There is no cost for placement of an Employment Opportunity by OAA members/ practices (Certificate of Practice Holders). 
  • There is a posting fee of $250.00 + HST ($282.50) for non-OAA Members / Practices (i.e. out-of-province architectural practices, corporations, government and other entities who are not OAA members / practices).

For more information on the associated fees, see the links below:

Costs and criteria for Employment Opportunities placed by other businesses

Costs and criteria for Employment Opportunities placed by recruitment/placement agencies




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