TSA Technical Series | Embodied Carbon in Building Materials

Embodied Carbon will account for almost half of the total new construction emissions globally before now and 2050. Despite this massive contribution to global CO₂ emissions, embodied carbon in building materials is often ignored, considered a blind spot of the building industry.

So why does embodied carbon matter, and what design strategies and tools exist to reduce embodied carbon in building materials?

Join TSA for this 1.5 hour webinar as Building Life Cycle Assessment Consultant Anthony Pak shares an overview of embodied carbon in the building industry including:

  • Why Embodied Carbon Matters
  • How Embodied Carbon compares with Operational Carbon
  • Policies and Standards that address Embodied Carbon
  • Comparison of LCA Software Tools
  • Design Strategies to Reduce Embodied Carbon (concrete, steel, wood, aluminum, glass, insulation, refrigerants, MEP systems, interiors)


Anthony Pak is the Principal at Priopta, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) consulting firm that is one of the first in North America to offer a custom Parametric LCA service for new construction projects. He is also the founder of CLF Vancouver—the first local hub of the Carbon Leadership Forum