Licensed Technologist OAA Certificate of Practice

The OAA regulates individuals and legal entities involved in the practice of architecture in Ontario. A Licensed Technologist OAA (Lic.Tech.OAA) is an individual granted a licence by the OAA to practise architecture with very specific Terms, Conditions, and Limitations (TCL). Review the Policy Statement of the OAA Council to understand the rights and responsibilities of the Licensed Technologist OAA as well as the TCL.

A Certificate of Practice must be obtained in order to practise architecture in Ontario and offer professional services to the public. In order to apply for a Certificate of Practice, a Licensed Technologist OAA must be in good standing with the OAA, hold professional liability insurance, and comply with applicable regulations. For further information regarding insurance, including coverage amount requirements, review Terms and Conditions for Mandatory Professional Liability Insurance.

As per the  Architects Act and Regulations, the OAA requires all members and holders of Certificate of Practice to keep their records current and true. Please contact the OAA for any of the following:

  • any change to a firm’s Certificate of Practice, such as a change in firm name, contact information, or change in corporate structure/ownership;
  •  addition or subtraction of licensed members to the firm’s Certificate of Practice; and
  •  for corporations, any and all proposed alterations or amendments to the corporation’s incorporating documents, by-laws, or corporate structure, including any unanimous shareholder agreements pertaining thereto.

Applications and Guidelines:

Corporation Application and Guidelines - LTOAA - 2021

Partnership Application and Guidelines LTOAA -2021

Sole Proprietorship Applications and Guidelines LTOAA - 2021


Gail Hanselman
Administrator, Certificate of Practice
t: 416-449-6898 Ext: 203


OAA Certificate of Practice Holders
Only an Architect who is licensed in Ontario and is a holder of a Certificate of Practice in Ontario is permitted to offer and/or provide to a member of the public a service that is part of the practice of architecture.

CoP = Certificate of Practice 

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