Procedures at a Glance - Procurement

Getting Contractors Interested in Your Project


A very helpful guide for veterans and for rookies. Commentary is divided into:

excerpts from the RAIC Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects (CHOP)
commentary from the  Project Administration Resource Committee [PARC]
downloads of standard forms and letters used in construction procurement
references to other sources of information on the topic

Use the index in the left sidebar organized in chronological order: 

0. Types of Construction Project Delivery 
1. Before Bidding Begins
2. During Bidding
3. As Bidding Ends, and
4. After Bid Closing

The Canadian Construction Documents Committee CCDC-23, Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts, outlines the “best practices” for Owners and Consultants in procuring construction services. This guide has become accepted across Canada and should be used as the starting reference for best practices and inquiries during the construction procurement process. The Canadian Handbook of Practice, Chapter 2.3.9. also references the CCDC-23 guideline and offers suggested standards of practice during the Bid closing and analysis stages, as well as two checklists, one related to preparation of the Bid Package and the other related to preparation of the Instructions to Bidders. While there are other policies that set procedures for the bidding process, such as the Public Sector Procurement Policies for public sector projects, those are not covered in the content of this discussion but the standards of practice in the CCDC-23 guideline should still be followed in the bidding process.