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Education Requirements Related to Climate Action

Cycle 2022-2024: July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2024

In January 2022, OAA Council approved a new requirement for the mandatory 2022–2024 Continuing Education cycle. All OAA members must complete a minimum of two structured learning hours focused on Climate Action.

Established as a priority for the OAA in 2020, and reconfirmed this year as a theme for its five-year Strategic Plan, Climate Action is a lens through which the OAA examines its work of regulating the practice of architecture. The Association maintains a focus in its programming and framework to ensure members have the education and resources needed to incorporate design approaches that address the climate emergency in both new construction and renovation.

Having an educated, skilled profession able to design a resilient, sustainable built environment, including dwellings and communities, is paramount for the public interest. The architecture profession is ideally suited to provide new, thoughtful solutions to advance Climate Action.

To fulfil the new requirement for two hours of Structured Learning related to Climate Action by June 30, 2024, members can seek out their own learning opportunities or select from related sessions included in the OAA Continuing Education Webinar Series. To be eligible, the sessions must focus on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Adaptive reuse;
  • Deep-energy retrofits;
  • Embodied carbon;
  • Energy modelling;
  • Energy step codes (e.g. Toronto Green Standard)
  • High-efficiency wall assemblies;
  • Life cycle analysis;
  • Local materials and supply chains;
  • Low-carbon design;
  • Material reuse strategies
  • Operational and embodied carbon (and offsets);
  • Passive House;
  • Regenerative design;
  • Resiliency;
  • Sustainability metrics (e.g. TEUI, TEDI, and GHGI);
  • Sustainable design; and
  • Zero emissions design.

Click here for more information on the Continuing Education cycle, as well as a new FAQ with specific questions about the Climate Action requirement and how to report hours on your OAA Transcript.

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A program of the Canadian Wood Council, the Wood WORKS! eLearning Centre offers dozens of free on-demand webinars, with free registration. Many speak directly to issues related to climate action and satisfy this credit.

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The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) offers on-demand webinars related to climate and sustainability. Cost savings are available for registering for multiple classes.

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Passive House Canada

OAA members can register for any Passive House Canada course at a savings of more than $1,400 for the Pathway to Passive House Designer/Consultant Certification (120P).

Climate Action

The climate change emergency's far-reaching effects have positioned it as one of the definining global challenges today.


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