Self-Study Learning Series

Whether you are a practising Architect or Licensed Technologist OAA, periodic review of key practice information is essential.  The new Self-Study Series, specifically designed as a review and refresh opportunity, comprises foundational practice material also included in the OAA Admission Course completed by intern architects as part of their licensing process. Now, you can select from several courses to cover the material at your own pace (over three months) and complete quizzes to earn up to a total of 27 Continuing Education (ConEd) hours of Structured Learning.  

For more information on the courses, including course descriptions, learning objectives, and how to register,
click on the links below:

SCS 3734: Professional Responsibility, Ethics, and Membership in a Self-Regulating Profession;
SCS 3724: The Construction Act;
SCS 3729: Legal Aspects: Professional Liability and Architects’ Contracts;
SCS 3727: Planning and Development Approvals;
SCS 3725: The Ontario Building Code Act and the Building Permit Application Process;
SCS 3728: Ontario Building Code Compliance Data: Concepts and Code Analysis;
SCS 3726: Bid Theory and Bid Practice; and
SCS 3721: Contract Administration and General Review.

For intern architects, please note that taking the Self-Study Series for Architects does not count toward completion of the Admission Course. For more information on the Admission Course, click here.

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