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Complaints and Discipline Process Arising out of Non-Compliance

If an architect has not complied with the requirements of the Continuing Education Program by the end of the Cycle, the following outlines the ensuing process:

Fines will be applied automatically to the Member
As of July 1, 2018, the OAA will implement automatic administrative fines for any Member who did not complete their mandatory Continuing Education hours and/or who did not record their mandatory Continuing Education hours in the OAA’s online transcript before the end of the cycle.

Complaints and Discipline Process begins:

  1. The name of the architect will be forwarded to the Public Interest Review Committee (PIRC).;

  2. The PIRC will conduct a review of each case of non-compliance independently in order to determine if there are sufficient grounds to file a complaint. If it is determined that there are sufficient grounds, a Statement of Complaint will be forwarded to each non-compliant architect who will then be required to submit his/her response directly to the Complaints Committee.

  3. The Complaints Committee in following its standard processes will independently examine each case of non-compliance and will reach a decision to either refer the matter to the Discipline Committee or not refer the matter. Note that a non-referral by the Complaints Committee could be be a non-referral outright, a non-referral with a written caution, or a non-referral upon signing of an undertaking.;

  4. If the matter is referred to the Discipline Committee, a Notice of Hearing will be forwarded to the architect advising him/her of the non-compliance with the Continuing Education Program and the date of a written hearing.;

  5. If the architect does complete the outstanding requirements prior to the date of the written hearing, the OAA will advise the Discipline Committee of this fact.

  6. If the decision of the Discipline Committee results in the suspension of the architect’s Licence and, where applicable, Certificate of Practice, he/she will be required to return his/her Licence Certificate, Certificate of Practice and Seal to the OAA. In the event that the architect’s Certificate of Practice is suspended, he/she would be required to take appropriate steps to ensure that there is no interruption to the services provided to clients with respect to ongoing projects, i.e. cease all work of his/her practice and turn over ongoing projects to another architect who is the holder of a Certificate of Practice.;

The above noted process applies equally to those individuals who hold the designation Licensed Technologist OAA or Non-Practising Architect.

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