CCDC 2-2020 and CCDC Division 01 Now Available

CCDC 2-2020 and CCDC Division 01 have been officially released. The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) has taken over responsibility for Divisions 00 and 01 of the specifications, while Construction Specifications Canada (CSC) focuses on the technical divisions. This means there are significant changes to the General Conditions of the contract.
OAA members are advised to acquire copies of CCDC 2-2020 and Division 01 for review. In-house and client-generated Division 01s will need to be updated to include provisions that were in CCDC 2-2008, but have been removed from CCDC 2-2020.
The OAA does not know if, when, or how the developers of commercially available master specs will respond to these changes.