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The Future of Sustainable Buildings


We are very pleased to invite you to The Future of Sustainable Buildings free live virtual conference presented by Michael Green. It will enhance your understanding of green building and sustainable development as well as deepen your fundamental knowledge of building emissions.

There is nature and there is architecture. But does the second have to come at cost of the first? Through his radical, beautiful, and sustainable construction of tall wood buildings, award-winning architect Michael Green works to solve worldwide housing demand while also reducing carbon emissions.

Take advantage of this conference to stock up on continuing education units. To learn more on the subject, don’t wait any longer and register!

P.S.: If you can’t attend our live conference, you may register anyway; we will send a recording of the conference to everyone who registered!





Almost half of our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions are related to the building industry. The materials of the last century- concrete and steel- account for 8% of global emissions.

By looking to nature, award-winning architect Michael Green explains how we can solve two problems- world housing and climate change- in an innovative, systemic way. He advocates for sweeping changes in building regulations to embrace wood as a building material for large-scale projects- even 30 foot tall skyscrapers (otherwise known as “plyscrapers”). “I believe that wood is the most technologically advanced material I can build with,” Green explains. “It just happens to be that Mother Nature holds the patent, and we don't really feel comfortable with it.”