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SB-10 & OAA PT-36 Ontario's Energy Code Basics

Time 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Webinar Description

In 2016, the OAA issued a series of Practice Tips (PTs) on energy conservation regulations, ASHRAE 90.1, SB-10, and SB-12, which offer architects guidance on the content of the standard and regulations. The PTs are made freely available to owners, designers, builders, suppliers, and AHJs to help make Ontario one of the most progressive energy and GHG jurisdictions in North America. This presentation will review these PTs and the referenced standards. More specifically, the presentation will address SB-10’s prescriptive solutions and the latest changes issued by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH).

Learning Objectives

  1. Be exposed to expose the energy conservation resources available from the OAA.

  2. Review the fundamentals of building envelope energy transfer.

  3. Understand the building envelope and GHG emission requirements of Ontario’s Energy Code, SB-10.

  4. Learn about the prescriptive compliance options.


Gerry Conway, OAA, FRAIC, LEED AP

Gerry Conway is a strong voice for the ethical and comprehensive practice of architecture and the critical role of architects in art, science, culture, and society. These deeply held values have guided the many professionals he has mentored. His expertise in best practice, building science, technology, contract documents, and contract administration, along with his energetic and collaborative style, has earned him the respect of clients, contractors, colleagues, and authorities. This expertise and commitment led to Gerry’s appointment to the Engineers, Architects and Building Officials (EABO) joint liaison group in 2010, OAA PC in 2011, the 2017 OBC Part 3 TAC, the OAA/PEO CLP and the OAA’s Sub-Committee on Building Codes and Regulation (SCOBCAR). Gerry serves on the board of directors of the Building Envelope Council Ottawa Region (BECOR). Gerry is a RAIC Fellow. In 2016, he coauthored three OAA Practice Tips on OBC Prescriptive Energy Compliance and Modelling. He has presented his work at the OAA Festival in Quebec City and at BECOR.

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