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RealCapital Conference 2021

Time: 10 am – 2 pm EST

$340 (until January 29) 
$360 (after January 29)

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Join the 2021 RealCaptital Conference on Tuesday, February 23 and Wednesday, February 24. 

How Will the Canadian Debt, Equity and Capital Markets Perform in the Headwinds of 2021?

What are the Trends, Strategies and Risk While the Pandemic Continues?



  • Confronting Uncertainty: What Is The Outlook For The Canadian Economy? What Will The Recovery Look Like?
  • How Has Canadian Commercial Real Estate Performed During The Pandemic? What Awaits Us On The Other Side?
  • Capital Flows, Allocations And Risk In 2021: Where Are They Heading? Where Does Real Estate Fit In?
  • Roundtable Of Major Lenders: What Can Be Expected This Year During Covid-19 From Banks, Lifecos And Pension Funds?
  • Understanding Valuation And Underwriting During Covid-19:
  • Addressing And Resolving The Challenges"
  • The Significant Role Of Mortgage And Funds In Real Estate Financing
  • The Cfo Perspective: Optimum Capital Structure And Strategies For Today’S Interest Rate Environment
  • Equity Investors In The Canadian Real Estate Market: What Do They See? What Are They Doing?
  • The Growing Importance Of Esg & Impact Investment: What Everyone Needs To Know And Understand
  • Retail Is Being Battered And Bruised During Covid-19: How Are Landlords & Retailers Surviving The Impacts?
  • Facts & Fallacies On How The Apartment Market Has Performed In 2021: Better Than You Think?
  • Covid-19 And The Office Market: To What Extent Will Remote Working Become A New Normal And Reduce Demand?  What Is The Future For The Corporate Workplace Environment?
  • Land & Construction Financing: Is It Becoming More Challenging In Today’S Market?
  • Smaller And Foreign Banks Provide Alternative Sources Of Capital
  •  Real Estate Investment In An Unpredictable Environment:Office Vs. Industrial Vs. Retail Vs. Multi-Residential