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Building Strategic Resilience in Succession

Time: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Thinking about succession can be daunting, let alone considering it as an opportunity to strengthen your architectural practice. However, applying the right mindset and approach to succession planning can result in an effective strategic exercise that creates immediate value for your firm immediately and builds its resilience over the long term.

In this webinar, owners of architectural practice will learn key considerations for approaching succession planning and develop an approach for thinking about succession as a value-building activity.

This webinar will be available with live closed captioning.

Learning Objectives

1) Gain perspective on the initial considerations for ownership transition. 

2) Learn about typical succession goals. 

3) Understand how succession can be a strategic opportunity. 

4) Understand how to manage some succession planning risks. 


Rowley Mossop
, BES(Arch), MBA

Rowley Mossop leads Innovia by providing clients with the insight and strategy they need to make transformation happen. He founded Innovia in 2004 after his career as an editorial leader with The National at CBC TV News during the transformation from traditional broadcast journalism to the online media landscape of today. Rowley’s background in the disciplines of business, media, design, and architecture informs Innovia’s unique approach to the challenges and potential of creative businesses.

Rowley is a Rotman MBA, holds a diploma from the Ontario College of Art and Design, and has a B.E.S. (Architecture) from the University of Waterloo.

Registration Fee

Licensed OAA Member:  $39 + HST
OAA Interns:  $29 + HST
Non-Members: $59 + HST