Rue du Porche, Quebec City by Narges Nassiri

I’ve always been painting and sketching but as you get more involved in work making time to focus on an art work becomes too hard to manage. Drawing and sketching at work is always time sensitive with never enough time and thanks to all these programs which we’re all working with, after processing the concept sketches and the ideas, generating the final mass with all the detailing is something done with the software not pen and paper which we all love.

So during this quarantine time and staying long hours at home I just grabbed the opportunity to start what I had in mind. Taking good look at existing buildings which had something to say and were outstanding for the time they were built in was somehow refreshing! Paying attention to details and studying them has helped me improve my vision in architecture. 

For me taking photos of buildings in each city that I visit is a hobby. So I started with Quebec City. As you know, when you walk in this city it’s all beauty that you see. This painting is done with ink & water color. I’ve tried to capture the small details and the entire atmosphere which makes each building unique.

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