G. Randy Roberts Service Award Recipients

The G. Randy Roberts Service Award recognizes an OAA member for extraordinary service to the membership; for ‘behind-the-scenes’ dedication and action; for employing the skills and the energy to get things done because they need to be done; and are not motivated by a desire for recognition or glory/reward.

This annual award is named after the late 2005 OAA President, G. Randy Roberts and is in memory of his dedication to the membership and the profession.

Recipients of the G. Randy Roberts Service Award since inception:

2020 Joe Lobko
2019 Heather Dubbeldam
2018 Janna S. Levitt
2017 J. William Birdsell
2016 John C. Cook
2015 Istvan Lendvay
2014 Susan Ruptash
2013 Alexander Rankin
2012 Ivan Martinovic 
2011 David R. Murphy
2010 Sheena Sharp
2009 John Bobaljik
2008 James William Strutt
2007 Isabelle Bradbury


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