Online Admission Course

The Online Admission Course is administered by the University of Toronto’s (U of T’s) School of Continuing Studies (SCS). The online format offers all course modules and is available during Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer Semesters.

2021 Winter Semester (Session 1)

January 11–March 14

Webinar Schedule

2021 Winter Semester (Session 2)

April 5–June 13

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Individual modules are not available for registration. All eight modules must be completed to earn a completion report, with 100 per cent completion of all quizzes required. You may retake a quiz as often as you like until you get 100 per cent.

01AC  Professional Responsibility, Ethics, and Membership in a Self-Regulating Profession 
02AC  Construction Act
03AC  Legal Aspects: Professional Liability and Architects’ Contracts
04AC  Planning and Development Approvals
05AC  The Building Code Act and the Building Permit Application Process 
06AC  Ontario Building Code Compliance Data: Concepts and Code Analysis 
07AC  Bid Theory and Bid Practice 
08AC  Contract Administration and General Review 

Registration Fee: $350 +HST

Registration for this course is limited to Intern Architects and OAAAS Technologists. Some Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects Program (BEFA) candidates may be eligible, but authorization required.


Human Rights Code
Human Rights Code

Vocational associations
6. Every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to membership in any trade union, trade or occupational association or self-governing profession without discrimination... 


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