OAA Contracts - Architect

The OAA developed several standard contracts for use with clients and consultants to ensure the contracts balance the needs of the parties, the OAA consulted with and had the contracts reviewed by lawyers and other representatives of various client and consultant groups.

OAA 600-2013 and OAA 601-2013 Series Standard Forms of Contract for Architect’s Services
The terms and conditions are identical in OAA 600 and 601. The difference is that the OAA 600 documents contain tables of service for “basic” and “additional” services whereas the OAA 601 documents do not contain a table of services. With OAA 601, a custom scope of services suitable for each project is to be developed by the user.

The OAA 600, Standard Form of Contract for Architect’s Services was first published in 2005. The most recent update of this contract is OAA 600-2013 with October 1, 2019 Amendments. The OAA recommends the use of the recent versions of the standards documents.

Some of the features of the updated version are:

  • compatibility with the Construction Act including prompt payment and adjudication
  • user friendly as a single fill-in-the-blanks PDF file
  • client friendly revisions included for a fair and balanced contract

The OAA 800-2011 Standard Short Form of Contract for Architect’s Services is derived from OAA 600 for use on less complex projects.

The OAA 900-2014 Standard Contract Between Architect and Consultant is for use with engineers, architects and other consultants being retained by an architect.