Who we are


Established in 1897, the Toronto Society of Architects (TSA) is a non-profit volunteer-based organization comprised of architects, professionals from sister organizations, and members of the community interested in architecture and urban issues.

The TSA plays an advocacy role in the City, ensuring that architecture and design are key considerations in public discussions and in processes that have an impact on our built environment. The TSA has effectively lobbied civic governments, participated in civic improvement roundtables, hosted public forums on current city planning issues, and initiated discourse on urban and architectural concerns in the city.

What we do


The Toronto Society of Architects undertakes numerous initiatives over the course of the year to raise awareness about architectural design and urban issues in Toronto. The TSA also works to be an enabler, supporting or helping individuals or groups to develop their own ideas and initiatives.

In the past, ideas generated by TSA members or executive have grown into much larger annual events that are organized and managed by the City, including Doors Open Toronto and the Festival of Architecture and Design (fAd).

Recent initiatives include: 

Toronto Architecture Tours 
Urban Affairs Forums 
Toronto Building Tours 
TSA Technical Series 
Year End Bash 
Doors Open Studio Tours