2019/20 Member/Practice Survey

The OAA has published the Summary Reports of the 2019/20 Membership and Practice Surveys. The results have already played an important role in Council decisions, making progress regarding the pursuit of specific initiatives, as well as programs and policy development. The demographic data collected is vital to policy and program efforts in order that the OAA may support the profession in meeting its roles and responsibilities.

The response rate to the surveys represented an appropriate and adequate sampling of the membership at 25 per cent for the individual member surveys and 29 per cent for the practices.

Council is very pleased to report the membership survey showed a relative increase of 24 per cent in general member satisfaction with respect to the OAA from the last survey conducted in 2011. The data is rich and also provides important feedback as to where the Association can do better as an organization, and also how the architecture profession can continue to evolve and improve—the surveys show the community is certainly not immune to issues of harassment and discrimination. 

OAA Council has already taken some time to review and analyze the results. Steps have also been taken to enrich the Continuing Education (ConEd) program through online offerings; as well, the new Website will address some of the issues highlighted in the results.



Last updated: 2020/Jul/24