COVID-19 Updates

Returning to the COVID-19 Response Framework and Construction Activities

The Government of Ontario has started to transition some of the public health regions out of the shutdown zone and into the strengthened COVID-19 response framework. For additional information on existing public health and workplace safety measures, as well as on key dates, review the information in the link above along with additional information on zones/restrictions.

The stay-at-home order may no longer be in effect in your area. Practices and members should continue to follow public health advice and both provincial and local restrictions associated with each zone:

It should be noted that each zone allows for specific construction activities or projects and related services to proceed. Here are some key links:

Members are encouraged to review the information frequently as it pertains to their practice operations and projects.

The OAA’s COVID-19 Updates webpage continues to be updated with new information as it becomes available. Members should seek legal advice as they negotiate their response to the pandemic. It is important to have legal assistance in understanding your legal, contractual, and practical obligations. Each situation is unique, so advice should be sought by individual practices themselves.