COVID-19: ProDemnity Special Edition Bulletins

As the province and profession’s response to the pandemic continues, Pro-Demnity Insurance Co. released several COVID-19 Special Bulletins over the course of February and March.

These include:

  • Special Bulletin 7, which touches on implications, building permits and site visits, as well as health and safety;
  • Special Bulletin 8, which examines ways to reinforce smart behaviours for the year
  • Special Bulletin 9, which updates policyholders with guidance related to delays, substitutions, and personal injury claims; and
  • Special Bulletin 10, which updates advice to OAA Licensed Members that was originally included in Special Bulletin 5, issued on April 7, 2020.

For additional information and previous Special Bulletins, consult Pro-Demnity’s website as well as the OAA’s COVID-19 Updates page.