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Code of Ethics

VERSION 2.0 - December 2014


Ontario Architects’ Code of Ethics
Version 2.0

Following the OAA’s release of the Code of Ethics in May 2010, the OAA received a significant amount of feedback from its members. This mostly positive feedback generated robust discussion at the OAA Council about the Code and how it could be improved. Just as other codes and standards are updated periodically, the Council decided, it would be appropriate to update the OAA Code of Ethics from time to time. Hence, the release and publication of the Ontario Architects’ Code of Ethics, Version 2.0, which incorporates member feedback and the Council’s discussions on the matter.

Generally speaking, nothing has been added or deleted from Version 1.0; there are no new ethical standards nor have any ethical standards been removed. The updated Code consolidates related ethical standards into fewer, more comprehensive statements. Council also re-considered some of the grammar to hit a consistent positive, imperative tone, as well as simplifying the font and graphic presentation. The Code of Ethics is not law; it is an aspirational document against which architects can check themselves, in the course of their practice. Hopefully, version 2.0 helps architects by being more concise and easier to read than version 1.0.

Code of Ethics - December 2014