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Student Associate

A Student Associate with the OAA is a student, currently studying architecture and wants to stay informed about the requirements for licensure in Ontario.


an individual must:

  • be enrolled in a Canadian faculty, department or school of architecture offering a professional degree in architecture; or
  • be enrolled in a USA faculty, department or school of architecture accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board; or
  • be enrolled in the RAIC Syllabus Program; or
  • be enrolled in another course of study considered by OAA Council to be equivalent to enrolment in a faculty, school or department of architecture in Canada;
  • be a person of good character; and
  • submit a completed application.


Student Associates can:
  • receive biweekly OAA e-news, e-bulletin;
  • receive reduced rate package to attend the OAA Conference; 
  • participate in the Association's volunteer opportunities; 
  • participate in the OAA Website; and
  • participate in group insurance.

Syllabus students who are Student Associates of the OAA:

  • log experience towards their internship experience requirements.

Information and Application

From Student Associate to Intern to ARCHITECT



IAP Manual




Appendix B to IAP Manual

Specific CALA Requirements



Guide to Occupancies

Amusement park structures Arenas Art galleries Auditoria

Industrial (continued) Garages, repair, storage, including open-air parking garages Helicopter landing areas on roofs…



Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB)

3720 hours

Experience Summary Form...documentation of architectural experience (applicable to students enrolled in the Syllabus program only)