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Licensed Technologist OAA

For information about becoming a Licensed Technologist, please contact OAAAS.

Licensed Technologist OAA (Lic. Tech. OAA) is an individual who is granted a licence by the OAA to practise architecture with very specific Terms, Conditions and Limitations (TCL). One of the conditions of licensure is that the individual must NOT refer to himself or herself as ‘architect’. These individuals must use the title Licensed Technologist OAA or Lic. Tech. OAA.

  • 4-storey residential
  • low-rise apartment buildings
  • restaurants up to a 100 seat capacity

Eligibility an individual must have completed:

  • the education requirement;
  • a minimum three years of practical experience; 
  • extensive examinations; 
  • the OAA Admission Course; and
  • an application for licence.

Benefits only licensed individuals can:

  • legally use the title "Licensed Technologist OAA"
  • apply for a Certificate of Practice to allow them to provide architectural services with limitations to the public

Applications and Guidelines

Guidelines and First Application for Licence Appl and Guidelines - First time LTOAA 2020



Reapplication or Reinstatement Application and Guidelines - LTOAA 2020