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Begin Your Journey: The OAAAS

OAAAS is the pathway to licensure as a Licensed Technologist OAA. The first step in your journey is to apply to become an OAAAS Technologist. To qualify to join OAAAS, an individual must:

  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • be a graduate of an Ontario community college three-year architectural technology program, or equivalent, or greater;
  • be a person of good character;
  • submit a completed application (Part 2 of OAAAS Program Guide); and
  • pay the required fees.

Please note that recognition as an OAAAS Technologist signifies only that the individual has joined OAAAS, and is working toward licensure as a Licensed Technologist OAA.

OAAAS Fees and Annual Dues (+ HST)
Application Fee (one-time)                $300
OAAAS Technologist Annual Dues      350

(Please note, OAAAS fees may be paid by cheque, PayPal or money order. We do not accept credit cards or cash.)

The next steps in your certification journey are:

  • to document 5580 hours of appropriate and varied work experience, on at least three different building types, while working in an appropriate architectural setting under a qualified Supervising Professional and with a Mentor;
  • to complete the OAA Admission Course; and
  • to pass the Licensed Technologist OAA examination.

When all of these steps are completed successfully, you may apply for a licence as a Licensed Technologist OAA.

The OAAAS program requirements are:

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