Life Member

Life Member is a person who has resigned their membership in good standing, who currently holds the status of Retired Member, has reached the age of 75, and has been appointed as a Life Member by OAA Council. In their 76th year, the Life Member does not pay the Retired Member fee.

An individual must:

  • be a Retired Member; and
  • be elected as a Life Member by OAA Council.


Life Members:

  • pay no annual fee;
  • receive a reduced rate package to attend the OAA Conference;
  • receive e-bulletins; and
  • participate in the OAA Website.

Life Members are elected by OAA Council. New Life Members are acknowledged annually at the OAA Annual General Meeting.


Kim Wray
Administrator Licence
t: 416.449.6898 Ext: 201

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