Licensed Technologist OAA

A Licensed Technologist OAA (Lic.Tech.OAA) is someone granted a licence by the OAA to practise architecture subject to Terms, Conditions, and Limitations established by the OAA Council Policy Statement on the Licensed Technologist OAA

The Ontario Association for Applied Architectural Sciences (OAAAS or OAA Technology Program) is the certification program through which a qualified technologist working in architecture can achieve licensure as a Licensed Technologist OAA. The OAAAS certification process and OAA membership require individuals to achieve and maintain the high standards and qualifications expected of all architectural professionals. This ensures the public interest is protected. To learn more about the OAA Technology Program, click here.

Under the OAA Council Policy Statement, the licensee cannot refer to themselves as an architect. They may only use the titles, Licensed Technologist OAA or Lic.Tech.OAA. To learn more about the rights and responsibilities of the Licensed Technologist OAA, click here.


To be eligible to apply to the OAA for a licence, individuals must meet the following requirements:

  • graduate from a three-year Ontario college architectural technology program, or equivalent;
  • document at least 5,580 hours of relevant and varied work experience working with OAA-licensed professionals as a supervisor and a mentor;
  • complete the OAA Admission Course; and
  • pass the rigorous examination.


The Licensed Technologist OAA title is the highest certification that can be achieved by a technologist working in architecture in Ontario. The OAA Council Policy Statement provides that:

  • only an OAA licensee may use the title Licensed Technologist OAA;
  • apply for a Certificate of Practice to allow them to provide architectural services to the public with limitations to the public.

Applications and Guidelines

Guidelines and First Application for Licence Appl and Guidelines - First time LTOAA 2020
Reapplication or Reinstatement Application and Guidelines - LTOAA 2020



Garry Neil, Executive Director  Registrar     
Rommy Rodriguez, Associate Director    

OAA Staff
Kim Wray, Administrator, Licence
T: 416.449.6898 Ext: 201

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