Working with a Mentor

An OAAAS Technologist is required to work in an appropriate setting under a Supervising Professional and with a Mentor.

Role of the Supervising Professional
The Supervising Professional is the architect or the Licensed Technologist OAA who personally supervises and directs the work of the candidate on a daily basis. The Supervising Professional must be able to assess the quality of work performed and regularly certify the documented architectural technology experience prior to submission to OAAAS of each section of the Experience Record Book (ERB).

Role of the Mentor
The Mentor is an architect or Licensed Technologist OAA who may be an active, retired or life member of the OAA. The Mentor must not be in the same firm as the Supervising Professional.

Please note: an architect must be involved in the certification process, either as the Supervising Professional or the Mentor.

Selecting a Mentor
The Mentor must be willing to support the professional growth of the candidate during the duration of the certification process. The candidate and Mentor meet regularly to discuss experience progress, career objectives and broader issues related to the profession.

The first step in finding a Mentor is to consult with personal acquaintances and previous or current employers for a recommendation. Joining a Local Architectural Society may also be a good resource. Searching directly in the Discover an Architect page on the OAA Website for architects and Lic.Tech.OAA by city/postal code may also be useful.

If you require assistance finding a Mentor, contact OAAAS.


Garry Neil, Executive Director|Registrar
o: 416.449.6898 Ext. 235
m: 416.268.5665 

Rommy Rodriquez, Associate Director
o:  416.449.6898 Ext.236
m:  416.795.5977

Please see OAAAS Board of Directors for a listing of our current Board Members.

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