Prepare for the Licensed Technologist OAA Examination

To qualify for OAA licensure, all candidates must successfully pass the Licensed Technologist OAA Examination. The examination ensures that candidates have acquired the necessary competencies to protect the public interest and to deliver professional architectural services.

OAAAS is responsible for the Licensed Technologist OAA examination and delivers it in June and November each year. To be eligible to write the exam, a candidate must have completed the OAA Admission Course.

Format and Exam Topics

The examination has two parts and covers the following topics:

  1. Professional Conduct and Ethics
  2. Scope of Services
  3. Authorities
  4. Risk Management
  5. Construction Contracts
  6. Cost Planning
  7. Building Design
  8. Construction Procurement
  9. Contract Administration
  10. Construction Lien Act
  11. Construction Documents
  12. Building Technology

Exam Study Documents:

Registration Form for Licensed Technologist OAA Examination

A. List of Study Reference Material
B. Lic. Tech OAA Exam Information

Specific Reference Study Material:

Rain Penetration Guide
Guidelines for Delivering Effective Air Barrier Systems


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