Document Your Work Experience

The OAAAS Technologist must document at least 5580 hours of appropriate and varied work experience, on at least three different building types. All experience hours are subject to review to ensure they meet the required professional standards.

Work experience hours must be recorded in the OAAAS Experience Record Book (ERB) and approved by your Supervising Professional and Mentor.

Part 4 of the OAAAS Program Guide to Become a Licensed Technologist OAA defines the experience categories and outlines acceptable employment situations.

Currency of Experience
At least 940 hours of work experience must be gained on Ontario projects, under the personal supervision and direction of an OAA architect or Licensed Technologist OAA within three years of the date you apply for an OAA licence.

Non-Ontario Work Experience
Under certain conditions and subject to an interview,  you may submit work experience hours earned while working in other provinces or other countries. Please see the Program Guide for further details.


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