Apply to Become a Licensed Technologist OAA

Licensed Technologists OAA are highly trained professionals. As OAA members, they are bound by rules and regulations established under the Architects Act. To qualify, a candidate must meet the minimum educational requirement, have documented at least 5580 hours of varied practical work experience on at least three different building types, have completed the OAA Admission Course and successfully passed the Licensed Technologist OAA examination.

Applications and Guidelines
Application for Licence
Application for Seal and Guidelines – Licensed Technologist OAA

When licensed, the candidate may legally use the title Licensed Technologist OAA or Lic.Tech.OAA, as well as participate in and vote at the OAA Annual General Meeting and in the OAA Council election in the Licensed Technologist OAA constituency. The Lic.Tech.OAA may apply for an OAA Certificate of Practice and provide services directly to the public within the Licensed Technologist OAA Scope of Practice.


Garry Neil, Executive Director|Registrar
o: 416.449.6898 Ext. 235
m: 416.268.5665 

Rommy Rodriquez, Associate Director
o:  416.449.6898 Ext.236
m:  416.795.5977

Please see OAAAS Board of Directors for a listing of our current Board Members.

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