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Organizing a Design Charrette

Does the built environment in your city or town need improving? With a little development, could your community be more profitable, functional, and sustainable? A design charrette may be just what your community needs to help develop creative new ideas to bring new life and purpose to your communities existing built environment as well as ways of implementing them. 

The design charrette, a method of urban management, works as a community tool or as the first step in providing the foundation by generating ideas and suggestions to a specific community issue or issues. Suggestions resulting from the charrette are just the first in many steps in developing the ideas into a reality for the community.  

This resource is designed to help you and your team before, during and after a charrette. The intention is to follow it as a general guideline. By no means should this guide be used as an instruction manual. Depending on the complexity of the issue and size of the community, each design charrette will vary from community to community, but with the examples, suggestions and tips provided, the same basic principles can apply to events of any length. 

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