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Serving and Supporting ONtario ARCHitects

Practitioners from large and small firms can contact an OAA Practice Advisor for guidance and to confidentially discuss issues, questions and problems. Telephone discussions are encouraged as they allow an open dialogue on issues.   

The Hotline service addresses questions related to a wide range of issues pertaining to the architectural profession. The service is utilized by: architects and employees, clients, building officials, lawyers, contractors, consultants and other construction related entities to obtain assistance on:


  • Available OAA/RAIC documents and key highlights
  • Client/Architect standard contracts and proposed modifications by clients.
  • Client contracts
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Client/Architect relationships
  • Interpretation of the Architects Act and Regulation 27

Intern Architects and employees:

  • Interpretation of the Architects Act and Regulation 27
  • Questions related to membership and opening a practice


  • Available OAA/RAIC documents related to finding and contracting with an architect
  • Selection methods: Quality Based Selection
  • Architects services and professional standard of care
  • Client/Architect relationships and possible solutions to difficulties

Building Officials

  • Mutual protection of the public interest
  • Interpretation of the Architects Act
  • Professional standard of care
  • Building Permit applications
  • General Review procedures

Practice Advisors provide possible direction and suggestions based on the information provided. They do not address technical questions related to design matters nor do they make Building Code interpretations.


Disclaimer: The OAA does not provide professional legal, accounting or insurance advice and expressly disclaims any responsibility for any errors or omissions with respect to discussions regarding same. Readers of OAA documents are advised to consult their own legal, accounting or insurance representatives to obtain suitable professional advice in those regards.