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Core Documents

Canadian Handbook of Practice (CHOP)

CHOP establishes a reference document for concise and current information to assist architects in Canada and provides an instructional resource for architectural students, intern architects and others. CHOP is the result of a great collaborative effort by the architectural profession from every region of the country. CHOP is available free for OAA members.…



The OAA, RAIC and Canadian Construction Documents Committee publish the standard documents architects use frequently. For additional information, see the link below:   


Ontario Building Code (OBC)

It is essential to have the full code available and to keep up to date as amendments are issued and come into effect. The easiest way to determine what the latest code and revisions are is to check at the Ontario government elaws Website.

Mastering The Business of Architecture (MBA)

The MBA presents business and management information, targeted to architects in an easy-to-read, resource guide format. It is an educational resource that helps architect learn to deal with the business challenges of the market economy. It also helps architects educate their clients and prospective clients about the value of architectural services. The MBA is now available free for OAA members....



OAA Documents

The Architects Act/Regulation 27 (Click on Current Consolidated Law in the Right Hand navigation menu and search under "A”.) & By-Laws


Mold Control Practice Guide| (member login required)
Rain Penetration Control Practice Guide| (member login required)   
Pressure Treated Wood Alert| (member login required)  
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Documents & Reports

Election Issues Position Paper

May 2014

The OAA, for the first time, has compiled a list of election considerations for parties to consider in the 41st government. The publication Election Issues Position Paper reinforces the OAA as the voice of the architectural profession in the Province of Ontario.


OAA HQ: Walking the Talk



Site Plan Approval Process in Ontario

October 10, 2013

The Report by Bousfields Inc. and Altus Group for the Ontario Association of Architects is a review of the Site Plan approval process in Ontario and examines how architects, developers municipalities and end users are impacted.


Report to Members of the Ontario Association of Architects 

AN independent due diligence review for pro-demnity



Standard Forms

Most practices establish standard office forms to use for all projects and office management based on templates from the RAIC, OAA and CCDC. For more information, see link to the:            

Standard Forms page           



The following are some documents that clients/public use to learn more about architects and architectural services:           

Architectural Competitions:
Competitions page           

OAA/ARIDO/GAATES Accessible Information in Communication - A Guide for Small Business



OAA Quality Based Selection Kit




QBS Templates




QBS Sample Templates Filled out



Model Procurement Document (RFP)

Resource to assist with selecting the right architect and design team for a building project..



OAA Model Procurement Document (SofQ)

Resource to assist with selecting the right architect and design team for a building project.  



OAA Strategic Objectives




Organizing a Design Charrette