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New Guide: Advanced Energy Retrofits for Healthcare Facilities

By Building Technologies Office


What are the most effective retrofit measures that both small outpatient facilities and large hospitals can take – at any stage of the retrofit process – to produce measurable energy savings for years to come? 

Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide: Healthcare Facilities (September 2013), commissioned by the Building Technologies Office (BTO), answers this question. The guide is designed for facility energy managers looking to raise the effi¬ciency of their buildings and generate strong financial returns.

Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide for Healthcare Facilities offers:

•Guidance for kick-starting the retrofit process and maintaining momentum throughout the project life cycle, including planning, designing, and implementing energy improve¬ment projects.

•Practical methodologies, diverse case studies, and objective evaluations of the most promising retro-commissioning and retrofit measures for healthcare facilities.  

•Direction for addressing barriers, such as limited capital and competition for resources; shortage of actionable information; and lack of specific, integrated design methods adapted to healthcare facilities. 

U.S. healthcare facilities spend $8.8 billion/year on energy (Benz and Rygielski 2011). The healthcare sector, including hospitals and outpatient centers, is one of the most energy-intensive market segments. In fact, healthcare facilities’ energy use intensity (EUI) is nearly three times that of typical commercial buildings. Retro-commissioning and retrofit measures offer significant opportunities for energy savings. Download the guide.

Additional resources for planning energy retrofits:  

The Advanced Energy Retrofit Guides (AERGs) are part of a BTO’s how-to series offering general project planning guidance, as well as detailed descriptions and financial payback metrics for the most relevant energy efficiency measures (EEMs). The guides provide a roadmap for implementing performance improvements in existing buildings.

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