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Is it a Passivehouse or is it a treehouse? Yes!

By Lloyd Alter


December 12, 2017

It is hard to take anything you read in the Daily Telegraph seriously, but their homebuilding awards are often nice. Considering that the paper is full of climate deniers and charlatans, it is surprising that they have a Passive House or Passivhaus category, considering that Passivhaus is all about reducing energy consumption and CO2 production. According to Homebuilding and Renovating Magazine which has published the winners, "For over two decades, The Daily Telegraph Homebuilding & Renovating Awards has sought out Britain’s very best self-build, extension and renovation projects." Perhaps they choose the buildings, not Christopher Booker.

Notwithstanding that contradiction, Architect Elrond Burell points us to the Dursley TreeHouse, a Passive House designed by the Millar + Howard Workshop, which won the 2017 Passivhaus award.