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OAA Headquarters


A series of reports, studies and tests have been completed to analyze and evaluate OAA Headquarters.
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Post-Retrofit Enclosure Air Leakage Evaluation

november 25, 2019

CoEfficient Building Science Ltd.  conducted a blower door test at the OAA Headquarters for the purpose  of determining the post-retrofit air leakage rate.  MORE


OAA Headquarters Enclosure Water Leakage Evaluation

November 16, 2019

CoEfficient Building Science Ltd.  conducted a blower door test at the OAA Headquarters for the purpose  of identifying the source of water leakage at five identified areas on the third floor of the building. The sources were addressed while on site or required a comprehensive plan to address the water leaks. MORE


Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment


Pinchin conducted an environmental site assessment of OAA Headquarters for the purpose of assessing potential issues of environmental concern in relation to the future renovation of the building. MORE



Blower Door Test


More than 30 people came to  OAA Headquarters to witness the blower test administered by Blue Green Consulting Group as part of the OAA renovation plans. This Blower Door test will provide a new baseline for the OAA Building Renew + Refresh program. MORE


Bird-Building Collision Reduction Strategies Report


Birdsafe Building Standards outlines preventitive measures to reduce bird collisions at OAA Headquarters. MORE



OAA Headquarters Technical Assessment Report

MARCH 2016

WSP Canada's technical assessment of the proposed OAA Headquarters mechanical retrofit including feasibiilty of the proposed systems, energy performance and next steps to control risks. MORE  



Indoor Air Quality Report

November 2014

From Sept. 25 to Oct. 2, 2014, Safetech Environmental Limited completed an indoor air quality (IAQ) assessment at OAA Headquarters.

The IAQ assessment was to determine indoor air quality prior to the building undergoing a major HVAC replacement project....MORE




Sustainable EDGE Reports


The net lifecycle cost of the 2030 Challenge Retrofit was analyzed by Sustainable EDGE. Displacement Ventilation and Geothermal Tank Briefs were also completed by Sustainable EDGE...MORE




Daylighting Report


As a part of the OAA’s commitment to the 2030 Challenge, the Headquarters underwent an intensive lighting study in the summer/fall of 2013. Lead by lighting designer Deborah Gottesman, the overarching goal of the initiative was to model the building’s natural lighting...  MORE

OAA HQ Walking the Talk Presentation

MAY 2013

The OAA Building Committee presented the background and plan for OAA HQ to meet the 2030 Challenge on Friday, May 9 at the OAA Conference..MORE


Blower Door Test

APRIL  2012

As part of a retrofit process to improve energy efficiency, the OAA had its main office building at 111 Moatfield Drive in Toronto tested for airtightness. OAA received a good rating. Click here for the news story.  To learn more about what the tests mean, click on the following link for an article by John Straube ....MORE 


Cushman & Wakefield Report - Financial Analysis

MAY 2008

Cushman & Wakefield was commissioned to undertake a financial analysis of real estate options to determine if it made sense to sell the building...MORE