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Government Relations Portal

The OAA actively monitors government activities, responding as needed through formal letters, meetings, research, and other advocacy channels including social media. Over the past few years, the OAA has had great success in working with a number of Government ministries and agencies, as well as with industry stakeholders, to better bridge the gap between public interest and the architectural profession, raising the prominence of architecture in the process.

While this Government Relations Portal largely houses official correspondences, this tool will continually be improved to reflect more of the activities the OAA undertakes to protect the public, to share architectural expertise, and to promote an appreciation of architecture.

The Government Relations Portal will allow you to search by a top level tier (Federal, Provincial, Municipal, Associations, Reports and Publications) and/or by topic as represented by the tags. The script will also allow you to comment on any of the entries, or share them on your own Facebook or Twitter page.

And what Government page wouldn't be complete without acronyms! So here's a handful of popular acronyms you may see repeated

Questions? Comments? Please contact Adam Tracey, Manager of Policy and Government Relations, at