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Practice Tips & Regulatory Notices


Practice Tips & Regulatory Notices are available to any interested party to promote better understanding of the services architects offer and to generally help clarify the expectations of those who work with architects.

In 2009 Practice Bulletins were reviewed for accuracy, currency of content, elimination of redundancies and consolidation where appropriate. The bulletins have been re-organized and reformatted from the previous A, B, C, D and Numeric versions into Practice Tips and Regulatory Notices, ‘PT’ and ‘R’ series.


Practice Tips

Practice Tips provide guidance on issues affecting the daily practice of architecture. They support architects by helping them apply ‘best practices’ to meet the standards of the profession.

Regulatory Notices

Regulatory Notices pertain to matters arising from the Architects Act, Regulation 27 and legislation such as the Building Code that directly impact professional practice. The notices discuss how members can comply with these requirements.