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Record Your Experience

You can only record experience gained after you have been appointed to Intern Architect status with the OAA.

All your experience must be recorded in the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB) and approved by your Supervising Architect and Mentor.

You must complete a minimum of 3720 hours in specific categories of architectural experience gained in an acceptable employment situation. All the experience submitted is subject to review.

The IAP Manual and Appendix B to the IAP Manual (Ontario specific requirements) provide guidance on acceptable employment situations, definitions of the experience categories, and the currency requirement. It is important that you regularly review the IAP Manual when you are unsure about the categories of experience you are entering on the CERB.

Online CERB: 

Record your experience on the new Online CERB!

Log in to the new system using the same Username and Password that you use to access the website and pay your individual annual fees.

Curency of Experience:

There is a currency requirement of 940 hours of experience in Ontario under the personal supervision and direction of an OAA architect within three (3) years of the date you are applying for licence.

Internationally Trained Professionals (ITPs) 

Internationally Trained Professionals (ITP) may submit post-graduate international architectural experience gained prior to enrollment in the IAP for review.  

The Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) will interview you if international architectural experience is used to fulfill your experience requirement when you apply for licence. 

Refer to Appendix B of the IAP Manual for further details