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Find a Mentor

Find an OAA mentor who will act as a professional advisor throughout the internship process. 

Role of a Mentor in the IAP

The mentor is an architect, retired member or life member of the OAA. The Mentor is independent of the Intern Architect’s place of employment.  You can have other mentors who do not approve your experience but you need to have one for the IAP.

Refer to the Employer and Mentor Guidelines for details. [Coming Soon].

Selecting a Mentor 

Intern Architects must select a mentor prior to recording architectural experience in the Canadian Experience Record Book (CERB).

Intern Architects should select a Mentor who is willing to commit to supporting your professional growth during the duration of your internship.

Once the Intern Architect selects a mentor, the mentor should complete the Mentor Confirmation Form.

To learn about architects in your community you can join a local society or visit the Discover an Architect page on the OAA website and search for architects by city/postal code. If you require assistance finding a Mentor send an e-mail to

Changing Mentors

It is your responsibility to inform the OAA at if you change mentors.

Becoming a Mentor

Architects interested in becoming mentors, can submit their names and contact information to

Note: Mentors are eligible to receive a maximum of ten (10) unstructured continuing education hours per cycle.