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Begin Your Internship

The Internship in Architecture Program (IAP) is the path to licensure as an architect in Canada.

The information that follows relates to becoming licensed in Ontario. If you want to be licensed in another jurisdiction, please contact the appropriate association or board.  

To become an Intern Architect, an individual must:


Please note that being an Intern Architect is a status with the OAA. Intern Architect status signifies that you are in the IAP and are working towards becoming an Architect in Ontario.

The IAP consists of the following requirements: :


Academic Certification

Before enrolling in the IAP you must have a professional degree in architecture. No matter where you went to school, your professional degree must be certified by the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB). In Canada, CACB is the institution responsible for assessing the educational qualifications of all architectural graduates. Academic certification from CACB is required to be eligible to apply to the IAP.

Applications for academic certification can be found on the CACB website

Questions regarding the assessment of your academic qualifications should be directed to CACB.