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Structured Learning

Structured Learning activities are organized educational sessions of a minimum one hour in length and must be supported by evidence of participation at the time that the Continuing Education hours are logged. Acceptable forms of proof include a certificate, a diploma, a letter of attendance from the provider, etc. 
The OAA will now upload all Continuing Education hours for OAA-administered events. If you have a question about whether an event falls under this category, please contact OAA ConEd. OAA members will still be responsible for reporting Continuing Education hours received from third party providers.
Activities must be at least one hour in length and constitute these educational categories. Please note the maximum limit per cycle:

  • In-Person Learning - lectures, college or university courses, Lunch & Learns – no maximum
  • Distance Education - webinars, online education modules or courses – no maximum
  • Teaching - public speaking engagements in a professional capacity for the purpose of informing others
    Architect - 25 hours maximum
    Licensed Technologist OAA - 13 hours maximum

Proof of attendance must include the following:

  • Presentation Title, Total Time, and Date of Completion
  • Attendee’s Name
  • Provider’s Name, Logo, and Contact Info

OAA members must self-report continuing education activities on the OAA Transcript.

Education providers do not have access to the OAA Transcript, and cannot report activities on OAA members’ behalf.

NOTE: Please be advised if your Continuing Education Requirements were approved to be halved (due to being licensed mid-cycle, an approved on-leave status, or a licence reinstatement/reapplication with the OAA), then your Category Maximums will also be reduced to half accordingly.