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Carbon Neutral Buildings: Innovative Strategies


28 May 2020
Location: Online
Provider: OAA

Time 11 AM – 12:30 PM 

Webinar Description 

After a decade of research in prefabricated design and manufacturing, architect Andy Thomson has discovered a formula to simplify both construction and labour inputs in residential design. Coupled with BIM technology and successive refinements of prototype buildings, this has led to an increase in building areas with an almost inverse effect on building costs. Discover how in this fascinating discussion, which expands on projects featured at the presenter’s talk at the 2019 OAA Conference.

Speakers Geoffrey and David will discuss how KPMB Architects understands the challenges presented by climate change and how this understanding informs current projects in the office. Topics to be addressed will include operational and embodied carbon, resilience, and emerging building performance metrics like GHGi and TEDI. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about costing, climate, and externalities (atmospheric basics and climate as related to architecture, simplified method to estimate project costs, considering the Social Cost of Carbon [SCS], and establishing a baseline and target for energy performance [TEUI]).

  2. Understand the technologies in existing buildings and durability (a brief history of building science, corrections [two steps forward, one step back], and reviewing issues with high-performance buildings, moisture and organic).

  3. Learn about advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated construction and review how strategies of miniaturization and ephemeralization in design can reduce building impacts, utility burden, and costs.

  4. Review strategies for existing buildings.


Andy Thomson, M.Arch., OAA

Andy Thomson is a green builder, architect, and outdoor-enthusiast deeply invested in the conservation of the natural world. The chair of the OAA’s Sustainable Built Environment Committee (SBEC), Andy has a long-standing commitment to advancing our profession to more efficient, intelligent, and progressive designs. Andy has completed thousands of door-fan inspections, heat loss analyses, and HRV design and installations in Germany, Canada and the United States using R2000, Passivhaus, and T24 metrics. As an internationally recognized expert-level user and trainer of BIM software, Andy has travelled widely, teaching and transitioning small and large architectural firms to the 3D visualization and modelling tools that the industry is only now, 20 years later, starting to adopt as a standard practice.

Geoffrey Turnbull, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP, CPHD

Geoffrey Turnbull leverages a broad background in design, business, film, and computation to advocate for an evidenced-based, progressive approach to design and sustainability. As director of innovation, Geoffrey leads the firm’s research group, KPMB LAB, through research projects, speculative design proposals, and engagement with a broad group of stakeholders, integrating new ideas and skills into KPMB’s professional practice. As a project architect, Geoffrey has worked on projects through all phases of design and construction, including his work on the LEED Platinum-certified Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario head office in Toronto and the recently completed Wilson School of Design for Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

David Constable, OAA, LEED AP, CPHD

David Constable joined KPMB Architects in 2006 after working in the United States and Ireland. While leading a series of complex design projects, his focus has increasingly been toward empirical evaluation of the energy and carbon produced by architecture and how intelligent architectural strategies can minimize or eliminate carbon while maintaining a high level of design. His projects include a series of commercial, residential, and institutional projects in Toronto and New York City, including The Globe and Mail Offices, the LEED Platinum Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario, and all phases of the expansion and retrofit of the Brearley School, an independent school for girls in New York City.

Registration Fee

OAA Architect, LTOAA $39 + HST
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Non-Members: $59 + HST